Since Freshdale inception, it has been one of the supreme food distribution brands in the UK. We are rendering our bespoke services to London’s high-end market, besides distributing to local cafes, restaurants, hotels, caterers and Michelin’s chefs. Fresdale is renowned for its breads, vegetables, fish, flavoured mayonnaise, savoury fillings, sauces and dressings. One of the great essence of our product line is that we 100% focus on flavour and taste rather than big brands.

For decades, we have been delivering exquisite quality food, and endeavour to outdo the expectations of all our clients. We promote innovation by show casing our obsession for quality food and uphold strong business ethics in what we do as a business. Therefore, we continuously strive for excellence in our food, and maintain the philosophy that we can always enhance knowledge and skill to exceed quality of our food lines. Moreover, we use superb ingredients for our products and ensure daily on time delivery with no excuses.

Services play an integral role in our business; therefore, we guarantee that all our clients get the valued services without a glitch. This is our unparalleled expertise and outstanding services that has made us one of the premiere independent distributor for food and bakery products. Moreover, our exclusive relationship with master crafters Roberts Bakery is the evidence of our commitment. This relationship provides us an opportunity to pass the special discount to our valued customers. Finally, we only source BRC accredited ingredients and condiments, and without these accreditations we do not stock any food item, whatsoever.

Aforementioned expertise has enabled us to provide comprehensive food solutions to following industries:

We have a dedicated team of Account Managers to provide you our bespoke food distribution services. The account management plays an imperative role as they are trained and knowledgeable about Freshdale product lines. They will facilitate you and guide you in every step of the way to ensure that you have hassle free services as a valued Freshdale customer. Therefore, please feel free to contact us on:

Tel: 020 3332 2891
Mob: 0786 633 3335